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1) How can you get a "sample" item printed with YOUR design ?
What is "four color process printing" ?
What is "offset" (lithographic) printing ?
What is "dye sublimation" ?
Can A1 guarantee a perfect color match using dye sublimation ?
6) Why does your graphic need to be prepared in CMYK color mode ?
7) What is a "standard" size mouse pad ?
8) Does A1 produce mouse pads in CUSTOM SHAPES AND SIZES ?

Answer to #1: We are able to produce a "press proof" for you upon request. Contact us for more information when needed.

Answer to #2: "Four color process printing" is used to reproduce FULL COLOR graphics, photographs, etc., and refers to the process by which four ink colors - CYAN (C), MAGENTA (M), YELLOW (Y), and BLACK (K) are printed on top of each other in various amounts and combinations to produce a full color image. A1 uses four color process printing to print many of the products we sell, so that is why we need you to provide your graphic file to us in "CMYK color mode".

Answer to #3: The original lithographers printed images by pressing paper directly against the inked surface of a stone. Modern presses transfer images from an inked plate to a rubber blanket. It's the blanket, not the plate, that comes in contact with the paper and actually prints the image. The image offsets from plate to blanket, then offsets again from blanket to paper. Because all lithographic presses use the offset principle, the method is simply called "offset printing". Offset printing enables A1 to reproduce your design in startling detail. We want your design to print with clarity and faithful color reproduction, so please follow our recommended graphic setup instructions listed in each of our product categories.

Answer to #4: Dye sublimation is a method used to permanently print a design on various materials. Sublimation refers to the process by which specially formulated inks vaporize when heated, and then bond with the molecules of the material to which they are being transferred. Sublimation works well with certain types of materials, such as polyester. A1 "soft top" mouse pads are covered with tightly woven bright white polyester material, and provide the perfect material to permanently print your design in vibrant full color. We utilize "offset printing" to produce "transfer prints" of your design, and then press them onto the mouse pads' cloth surface using high heat and pressure. Your design is permanently "dyed" into the fibers of the cloth material, producing a professional product that will last and last. A1 use sublimation to print your design because the process produces a permanent print which does NOT rub off with use. Dye sublimation is the method of choice for discriminating buyers that want a quality product.

Answer to #5: We can't guarantee a perfect color match using any print system. Traditional inks, however, are alot easier to use, and consequently, we are able to achieve at least a 98% color accuracy. We use traditional inks to produce our hard top and ultra thin products. Dye Sublimation inks, however, are really not inks at all, but specially formulated fabric dyes. While we can achieve close color match (about 90% accuracy), we can not achieve perfection. That's why it is especially important for you to supply us with a "match print" along with your digital file. The "match print" sets a standard for us to use when producing your prints. Without a "match print", we have no standard to use at all.

Answer to #6: We use four color process printing, which requires that we produce film separations in 4 colors, and then that we print using cyan, magenta, yellow, and black color dye sublimation inks. Therefore, RGB (3 color) files are not useful. If you can't create your graphic in CMYK color, or can't convert the file to CMYK, we will do so here. Note, however, that there is sometimes a color shift when converting from RGB to CMYK. That's why we recommend creating the original graphic in CMYK mode, and that's why we also recommend you purchasing a "match print" before we commence production, as you will be able to determine from the match print, what color adjustments, if any, need to be made to your graphic before we begin the production process.

Answer to #7: There is no standard size mouse pad. We offer a few standard sizes of our own, but can't in good conscience claim that a particular size is the best.

Answer to #8: Yes. Please e-mail us with the specific details of your needs.


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